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8 Foods to Avoid When You Have Acne

8 Foods to Avoid When You Have Acne
Last Update: 2024-01-08 09:51 PM

8 Foods to Avoid When You Have Acne, There are some foods that should be avoided when you have acne. These foods are suspected to cause inflammation or affect certain hormones that can have an impact on the worsening of acne conditions. Curious about what kind of food? Read this article to the end, let's go!

Maybe you have often heard advice not to consume fried foods, milk, or nuts, because they can cause acne . In fact, this food is not the main cause of acne-prone skin, you know .

Acne can be caused by many factors, including lifestyle, family history, or hormonal changes. However, an unhealthy diet can also make acne appear more often or make it harder to get rid of here 8 Foods to Avoid When You Have Acne


So, when you have acne and don't want this condition to get worse, you need to know what foods to avoid when you have acne.

A variety of foods that should be avoided when you have acne

Various types of food, especially food that contains processed carbohydrates, a lot of sugar, or certain types of fat, you need to avoid when you have acne. The problem is, this type of food with a high glycemic index can increase blood sugar and insulin levels, which make androgen hormones more active.

If androgen hormones are more active, the production of sebum in the skin will increase and worsen acne skin conditions.

To be more clear, here are some foods that should be avoided when you have acne:

1. White bread

White bread is classified as a processed carbohydrate that quickly increases blood sugar and insulin levels. Therefore, consumption of white bread when the skin is acne-prone is said to worsen the condition.

If you still want to eat bread, it's best to choose wheat bread with a lower glycemic index, yes. You can also choose bread with a low sugar content or without adding too much sweetener, including jam or sweetened condensed milk.

2. White rice

Just like white bread, white rice is also a processed carbohydrate because it is low in dietary fiber. This is why the consumption of white rice can increase blood sugar levels and worsen acne skin conditions, especially if consumed excessively.

For the time being, you can replace the carbohydrate source of white rice with red rice or brown rice.

3. Cookies

All cakes made with flour, butter, milk, and added sweeteners include foods high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fat.

It tastes really good, but unfortunately the glycemic index of this type of food is high enough that it can trigger an increase in insulin and worsen acne.

4. Chips

For those of you who like to snack on chips when you have spots, try to avoid them first, yes. The problem is, chips also include a range of processed carbohydrate foods that can increase insulin and make androgen hormones more active. After your skin improves, you can eat chips as long as you don't overdo it.

5. Dairy products

Although the glycemic index is low, cow's milk and its processed products can still worsen the condition of acne-prone skin. This is because cow's milk can trigger hormonal changes and cause inflammation in the body.

On the skin, the consumption of cow's milk can increase the production of sebum or natural oil in the skin, thus triggering the appearance of many new acne.

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6. Fried

Fried foods are high in saturated fat and trans fat which can increase the risk of inflammation. As with dairy products, inflammation from eating too much fried food can clog skin pores and cause more acne.

7. Fast food

It is no stranger that fast food can cause various health disorders. In addition, this food is also high in calories and can affect hormone levels in the body.

Hormonal changes can make the skin prone to acne. This is why fast food is a food to avoid when you have acne.

8. Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the foods that should be avoided when you have acne. Most chocolate is processed and made with lots of added sugar and sweeteners. This high level of sugar and fat can make the skin more prone to acne.

If you want to snack on chocolate, it's best to choose pure dark chocolate without additional sweeteners or just a little sugar. Not only is it safer for the skin, this chocolate is also better for the health of the body because it does not make blood sugar levels rise quickly.

Those are some foods that should be avoided when you have acne. Instead, you can eat foods that are good for acne prone skin, such as nuts, oatmeal, vegetables, fatty fish, or foods high in probiotics . It's not like you ca n't eat peanuts if you have spots , right?

This is just a myth, yes. People who are acne-prone are highly recommended to consume nuts, such as peanuts, soybeans, or almonds. The thing is, nuts are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, protein, and selenium that can improve skin tissue and regulate hormone levels to be more balanced.

In addition to eating foods that are good for acne-prone skin, you should also routinely clean acne-prone skin with mild soap, not hold or squeeze pimples, and use noncomedogenic sunscreen when outdoors.

If you don't eat the foods that should be avoided when you have acne, but your acne gets worse, don't hesitate to consult a doctor , yes. It is possible that there are other factors that cause acne and make you have to get treatment directly from a doctor.

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