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Tips Ways To Learn Guitar For Beginners. Easy And Fast!

Tips Ways To Learn Guitar For Beginners. Easy And Fast!
Last Update: 2023-12-20 09:47 PM

Tips Ways To Learn Guitar For Beginners. Easy And Fast!

For those of you who just want to learn guitar and maybe have problems with how to play the guitar correctly. So this article will really help you to start learning to play the guitar the right way.

We cannot deny that playing the guitar requires technique so that the sound produced is truly in harmony with the sound of other musical instruments. If this is not the case, then you can be sure that the resulting guitar plucking sound will not be able to provide comfort to anyone who hears it here it is Tips Ways To Learn Guitar For Beginners.


How to Play the Guitar for Beginners

For those of you who want to learn to play guitar, be it electric guitar, acoustic guitar or classical guitar, there are at least two simple ways you can do so that the resulting sound matches what you want.

The first way to play the guitar is to pluck each string one by one using your thumb. Even though this method is very popular or common, the results themselves are less effective. Because, in practice, all fingers can be used and each finger can determine the quality of the picking sound you will get.

1. Learn technique regularly

Many people just play the guitar when learning guitar. That's why they haven't progressed anywhere for years. Maybe you even know a member in the office who says he likes to play the guitar, but when you hear him play, it's not good at all!

That's why, if you want to play the guitar, you have to learn things like picking, strumming, hold chords well and get a good tone.

The technique is not just knowing picking but also fretboard technique, which means knowing the entire fretboard like in the Secret of Becoming a Major Scales Hero .

2. Learn chords & play comfortably

Many chords you can learn. Open chords, barre chords and various other categories. But the important thing is to focus on the comfort of your hands. Don't stress until it hurts because you hold it wrong.

Either get an experienced teacher to help you when you're stuck or use an 'instructional video' that fits what you're looking for.

3. Know common chord progressions.

Many chord progressions are well known & used by many people. Such as C Am FG, CFGC and also Am GF E.

Tu are all standard chord progressions for guitarists. The longer you play guitar, the more commonplace this thing will become. Cam & memorize!

4. Find songs you are interested in.

If you like XPDC, learn XPDC songs. If you like Search, search for the song Search. The important thing is to use songs that interest you to improve your skills.

Many people stop playing the guitar because they feel they have to learn songs that are not the best. Even if you learn a song you like, you'll be more motivated to play the guitar!

5. Focus on guitarists & musicians you like.

I like singer-songwriters like Elliot Smith and Ani DiFranco. In Malaysia, I like rock guitarists like Sham Kamikaze and Jamie Wilson.

When you find a guitarist who has a style that interests you, study their playing & learn from what you see from them. If you can meet them again it's good, you can ask questions directly.

6. Train every day

It is not enough to train once every two weeks. It is better to practice every day even for 7 to 10 minutes like in the Hero Major Scales Challenge .

Consistency is important!

7. Record training sessions to study

Many people are afraid to record their games because if they listen back they might be disappointed. But it's the recording that gives a mirror to your game. Record & listen back. Then you can improve your game one by one.

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