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How to Find Out People Who Unfollowed Us on Instagram

How to Find Out People Who Unfollowed Us on Instagram
Last Update: 2023-11-22 10:24 AM

How to Find Out People Who Unfollowed Us on Instagram , MALAYSIA - How to find out who unfollowed us on Instagram is quite easy. Every Instagram user usually competes to get a lot of followers. The reason is, having lots of followers will increase the engagement of our accounts.


Therefore, Instagram users usually check the number of followers they have regularly. If your followers decrease, there's no need to worry because it turns out we can see people who unfollow or stop following our account. How to Find Out People Who Unfollowed Us on Instagram Read the full explanation below.

How to See People Who Unfollowed IG

To see people who have unfollowed IG, you can do it manually without an application.

Check with the Application

Alternatively, you can use the application to check the list of accounts that have unfriended you on Instagram. However, quoting from Lifewire , not all available applications can provide the unfollow list information you need because Instagram limits its system to third applications. However, don't worry. There are certain applications that can help you see accounts that have unfollowed you on Instagram. Here are the applications you can use and how to use them

1. Follow Meter for Instagram


Follow Meter is an application that provides information about the popularity of your Instagram account, unfollowed accounts , secret admirers and ghost followers . Apart from that, this application will also show accounts that have recently followed you , accounts that have not followed you back, and accounts that you have not followed back . Some premium features will incur a certain fee. However, you can still see this useful information just by using the free version.

2. Followers Assistant

Apart from helping you check people who stopped being friends with you on Instagram, the Followers Assistant application also helps you unfollow many accounts at once. This application can also provide information about your most popular uploads and the types of content that are interesting to your followers .

3. Unfollowers On Instagram

Just like the other two applications, Unfollowers On Instagram provides information on accounts that have stopped following you on Instagram, accounts that don't follow you back and vice versa. Apart from that, you can also find out the account that blocked you . However, this feature is included in the premium features so a certain fee is charged.

4. Followers Tracker Pro

This application can give you information about accounts that have stopped following you , accounts that have not followed you back, and deleted likes and comments. The Followers Tracker Pro application can also provide information about the average number of likes and comments you get from each post .

5. Followers For Instagram

Quoting from Refinery29 , the Followers for Instagram application can also help you find out which accounts have unfollowed your Instagram. The features offered are similar to other applications. But apart from that, you can also see interesting information about your own social media accounts, such as the most famous posts , accounts that always like your uploads, and see comments that have been deleted.

6. Followers Pro

Just like other similar applications, Followers Pro offers a feature to track accounts that have unfollowed your Instagram. However, this application has an attractive appearance and is easy to read. You will also get a notification if an account has just blocked your Instagram and provide information on your social media analysis.

These six applications can help you find friends or accounts who unfriended you on Instagram. You can download it both on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. This application list is also very useful if you are an influencer and want to monitor the number of followers and engagement ( likes and comments , popular posts , and so on). 

But of course, you can also use these applications even if you are not a celebrity . Have you tried tracking who stopped following your Instagram, 4dlotto?

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