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7 Easy Tips for Learning German Languages

7 Easy Tips for Learning German Languages
Last Update: 2023-12-31 09:28 PM

7 Easy Tips for Learning German Languages, If you want to learn German then one of the biggest challenges is communication. The first two years you will definitely find it difficult to communicate. Even though you can understand conversations in German , your ability to respond will usually be very limited.

Usually you will respond with short answers like "Nein/Ja" and don't dare to convey complete sentences, because German conversation is more difficult than English conversation . Regarding this problem, of course you don't need to worry because there are several easy tips for learning German languages.


7 Easy Ways to Learn German Quickly

1. Pronunciation/Pronunciation

German actually has a pronunciation that is similar to Indonesian. However, there are several syllables that are different from Indonesian, namely ", ä, z, j, ü, öst, w". For example, "Stuhl" which means chair. The “S” there should be read “She” in English and followed by “thul”.

2. Listen, read and write a lot

You can be helped by reading, writing and listening. You can watch German TV shows live or now there are lots of German TV shows and films that have been dubbed into German.

German TV can be a good medium for learning German. Reading usually starts with short texts of around 100-600 words. Also try to understand the vocabulary and grammar used.

3. Understand grammar and vocabulary without explanation in Indonesian

It's better to learn German by using German. The point is to try to interpret the words in German. What can help is to use images. Try not to confuse German and Indonesian grammar.

For example, "Can I change seats?" So if it is interpreted one by one, "ich kann den Sitzplatz umziehen". In German “umziehen” is not used so it is just “Ich danke du”.

4. Trying to Talk

When you already listen, read and write it would be good if you speak German. Invite your friends who are learning German to communicate too. Not all Germans are easy to understand and communicate with. Just a 3-5 minute conversation will really help you.

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5. Learn the Correct Vocabulary

It is better to find vocabulary that is familiar and often used in conversation so that you will be able to easily communicate with German people.

6. Look for Vocabulary Relationships with Each Other

You should know the basic words subconsciously. Examples are sick, expensive, and child which are the same as other German languages. The word late is the same as the word late in Indonesian.

7. The Importance of Learning Variation

Variation in learning is needed to avoid boredom. You can use 3 variations, namely material, activities and position variations.

These are easy tips that you can understand in learning German. Some things are very easy for you to do and enthusiasm for learning is definitely the main thing. By following the tips above, your German language skills will be as proficient as your English.

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