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5 Money Making Games That Can Make Your Pockets Thicker

How to make money by playing games
Last Update: 2023-11-11 12:29 PM

5 Money Making Games That Can Make Your Pockets Thicker

For those orn era like now, playing games not only functions as a medium of entertainment, but is also the best plf you who already have a smartphone and a smooth internet connection, come on, play these 5 money-making games in your free time. In this way, the bag can remain thick even if it is just lying down.

In the modeace to earn money in an easy and fun way, Here we go 5 money making games that can make your pocket thicker

1. Gamee

You could say, Gamee is a game collection application. Because, in this application, you can find many games that earn you rupiah. Not only that, profits and prizes that have been disbursed can even go directly into your account without going through the PayPal application, you know .

Currently, Gamee has more than 70 types of games. Choose the type of game you like, then carry out the mission to earn lots of money. Every 4 hours, Gamee will present the Lucky Games and Wheel of Fortune features which offer the opportunity to win 100 United States (US) dollars.


To withdraw money from the application to your account, make sure you have a minimum balance of 10 US dollars. Even though the amount of money you earn is not as much as when you work in an office, this game is considered profitable compared to doing nothing in your free time.

2. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one of users' favorite money-making games . Because, this game is considered capable of providing additional rupiah quickly and reliably.

MPL presents many simple and exciting games. For example, Fruit Slice, Fruit Dart, Pool, Fruit Chop, Archery, and Bubble Shooter. From these games , you can become a top player and collect diamonds which can be exchanged for money.

Another alternative to getting bonuses in the MPL game is to invite friends to log in and play MPL. Withdrawing money in this game can be done via LinkAja and Gopay with a tax fee of 2 percent. The price for one MPL diamond is around RM 0.2 .


MPL is a safe money-making game and the disbursement is very short so it really pampers users.

3. Top Rich

Having gone viral on social media, Top Rich is a money-making game that is claimed to have easy and fast disbursement of funds. On Google Play, the Top Rich application has achieved a rating of 4.3 and has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

There are at least three ways you can get money from Top Rich. First, play games such as matching the color and pattern of cars and testing your luck through Lucky Spin.

Second, log in every day to get free coins. Third, use the referral code if you want to invite your friends to play Top Rich.


After completing the mission above, you are also entitled to receive coins. These coins can be cashed directly into your account number.

4. Hago

The next money-making game choice is Hago. You must have heard of this playing application often, right?

This popular application offers exciting games and also presents many profitable draws. Several types of games on Hago that are users' favorites are knife throwing, ludo, sheep fighting, tofu and tempe, tennis go , nyan cat , crazy football , and werewolf .


Through Hago, the coins collected can be exchanged for credit. You also still have the opportunity to get other prizes, such as laptops, motorbikes and cellphones. For those of you who are interested in playing it, just download the Hago application on Google Play.

5. Reward Zone by Traveloka

Another fun way to make money from the internet is to take advantage of the Reward Zero feature on Traveloka . Traveloka is one of the most popular travel applications in Asia.

Dock. Traveloka The Reward Zero feature on Traveloka offers points that can be exchanged for discount coupons and promos.

Apart from providing features for booking plane tickets and booking accommodation, Traveloka now comes with Reward Zero to pamper its users. In the Reward Zero feature, you can play a number of games, such as Sodaloka, Mission, Pick-a-loka, and Traveloka Puzzle.


If you successfully complete the requested mission, you will get points which can be exchanged for discount coupons and attractive promos from Traveloka. For those of you who want an economical vacation, playing Reward Zero is the answer.

How? Aren't these five game applications interesting ? To make your pockets thicker, play these 5 money-making games.

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