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5 Best Ways To Get Free UC

how to get free uc
Last Update: 2023-11-11 12:13 PM

5 Best Ways To Get Free UC

PUBG Mobile is one of the world's best-selling mobile games and has generated over 150 million dollars in revenue. This game has in-game currencies called UC and BP. In this article, we will explain how to get free UC.


Using cheats to get UC is an illegal method to use. Check out the list to get free UC Mobile PUBG here 5 best ways to get free uc .

1. Use Google Opinion Rewards

A simple way that you can do is download an application from Google called 'Google Opinion Rewards'. The app requires users to take surveys on the platform in exchange for rewards. 

The surveys carried out are quite easy and you will be rewarded with a certain amount of money in the form of Google Play Balance.

Once the user has sufficient Google Pay balance, the user can use it to purchase a number of items from the Play Store.

You can do the steps below to get Google Play Balance easily:

After you get a sufficient amount of Google Play Balance, you can immediately open the UC Purchase section in the PUBG game.

Here you buy UC with the balance you have obtained. Please remember that you must select Google Play Balance as the payment method.

2. Buy Elite Pass to get free UC 


PUBG Mobile won't give free UC rewards easily but that doesn't mean you can't get them.

If you buy the Elite Pass, PUBG will give you a number of different prizes every time you complete the season.

One of the rewards you will get is a certain amount of money. With this money you can buy UC easily. This is also a way to get free PUBG skins.

3. Google Play Gift Cards

Some websites or applications will usually reward users in the form of a free Google Play Gift Card.

The easy way is that players have to register on the application and choose one of the tasks given and fulfill it to get points. 

With these points, Google Play Gift Cards can be bought.. This is how to get free UC in PUBG  easily.

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4. Buy PUBG UC for Free by Downloading the App

In this option, you will be able to download and try new applications to get Google Credit. You can use Google Credit to buy PUBG UC for free. 

Usually you will be asked to complete several tasks. And after you complete the tasks requested by the application, you will be given several points. You can collect these points to buy PUBG UC.

5. Buy PUBG UC for free at Game Event

The last thing you can do is take part in the PUBG mobile event to get free UC for PUBG.

Google Play sometimes also provides free credit, although it is very rare. You can check the official PUBG Mobile fan page on Facebook to see if there are any prizes available.


Those are some ways to get free UC for PUBG. You can try all the methods above to increase your chances of getting free UC PUBG. Good luck.

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