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10 Ways to Enlarge Breasts

10 Ways to Enlarge Breasts
Last Update: 2023-12-25 09:55 PM

10 Ways to Enlarge Breasts

There are various ways to enlarge breasts, from natural to surgical. Some women who have small breasts are willing to use various ways to enlarge their breasts. Because, many people still believe that breast size is associated with a woman's sexual attractiveness.  

Each woman's breast size is different, depending on body weight, body fat, hormones, age, genetics, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ways to enlarge breasts can range from natural methods such as exercise or using dressing tricks to make your breasts look bigger, to medical procedures including breast enlargement surgery 10 ways to enalarge breasts.


Various Ways to Enlarge Breasts

The following are various ways to enlarge breasts that can be done:

1. Using a push-up bra

Small breast size can be overcome manually or by engineering the appearance. One trick is to use a push-up bra.

Push-up bras are bras with thicker foam. This foam is useful as a cushion that lifts the breasts, so that the breasts look bigger and fuller. However, because it is just a workaround, the actual breast size does not change.

2. Use a bra pad

Some women enlarge the appearance of their breasts by adding pads  to their bras to increase breast volume. Pads can be made of foam and silicone.

This method of enlarging your breasts is considered economical because you only need to buy 1 pair of bra pads to use for all your types of bras.

3. Improve body posture

Bad posture, such as bending over, causes the breasts to not be supported properly. Breasts that are not well supported are more at risk of sagging.

Improve your posture by standing and sitting upright, making the muscles that support your breasts work better. As a result, the breasts will appear firmer and bigger.

4. Using bra tape

Bra tape is a special piece of tape that is attached to the skin to lift the breasts. Its use can be adjusted to the type of clothing you want to wear. Here's an example:

  • For clothes with v-neck
    collars , cut the tape long enough to reach from under the bust to the shoulders. Lift your breasts as much as you feel is necessary, then apply the tape starting from under your breasts.
  • For strapless or backless
    clothing , cut out a piece of tape that is long enough to reach both breasts. Lift the breasts so that they are gathered in the middle. Place the tape starting from the left breast to the right breast. Then, add more tape from the bottom to the top of the breast until the entire breast is covered and the nipple does not appear protruding.

5. Using makeup

Using makeup can be a way to enlarge breasts instantly. You simply use contour cream and highlight cream to create the illusion that your breasts are big.

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6.  Do push-ups

Breasts consist of fat tissue, not muscle. Therefore, exercise cannot actually enlarge the breasts directly but rather trains the chest muscles to make them bigger.

Proper exercise can train the chest muscles that support the breasts, as well as the back and shoulder muscles. Exercising the area can help your breasts appear larger and firmer.

One sport that can train the chest is push-ups . Regularly doing  push-ups can be a way to enlarge your breasts because the target of the push-up movement  is the chest muscles .

Here's how to do push-ups correctly to enlarge breasts:

  • Position your body on your stomach with your chest and stomach pressed to the floor.
  • Place your palms on the floor slightly wider than your shoulders and knees.
  • Raise your body slowly using the help of your arm muscles, while exhaling.
  • Slowly lower your body back to the original position while inhaling. Keep your neck and back in a straight position.
  • Do this movement 8–10 times (1 set), repeat 2 sets.

7.  Do dumbbell chest presses

The movement of lifting dumbbells can be a way to enlarge breasts naturally. This is because weight training using dumbbells can tighten the chest muscles that support the breasts.

Before starting exercise, prepare dumbbells with a weight depending on your ability. If you are not used to exercising, start with a weight that feels light.

  • Sit on a long chair on a flat surface or lie down on the floor.
  • Lie down so that your back is flat against the surface of the chair or floor. When lying down, knees are bent and the soles of the feet are flat on the floor.
  • Hold dumbbells in both hands with your elbows bent 90 degrees.
  • Raise the dumbbells so that your arms are in a straight position, then lower them back to their original position.
  • Do this movement 12 times (1 set), repeat 3 sets.

8. Do yoga

Yoga is a type of exercise that helps improve body posture. The cobra movement in yoga can also help tighten the chest muscles. Here's how to do it:

  • Start by lying on your stomach, legs slightly apart, and toes pressed against the floor.
  • Place your hands at your sides with your elbows bent.
  • Begin to lift your head and chest off the floor while pulling your shoulders back. While doing so, straighten your arms.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds and return to the start. Repeat 3 times.

Apart from being a way to enlarge breasts, yoga can also be done by women who feel their breasts are sagging after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

9. Consuming certain foods

Eating nutrient-rich foods can help you maintain healthy breast tissue, so your breasts stay firm.

The following are the nutrients needed and the types of food:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are found in nuts, fish and soybeans
  • Monounsaturated fats in avocado and eggs
  • Antioxidants in vegetables and fruits

10. Undergo surgery

So far, surgery is still the most effective way to enlarge breasts. Surgery to enlarge the breasts is carried out by placing implants in the breast tissue or chest muscles. Implant results can last up to 10 years.

There are two types of breast implants , namely:

  • Silicone implants in gel form
  • Sterile saline or salt water implants

Breast enlargement surgery performed by a surgeon is safe, but this procedure still has risks. These risks include bleeding, infection, breast tissue shrinking around the implant, implant leakage, and incision scars on the breast.

Apart from the various ways to enlarge breasts above, there are also breast enlargement supplements and creams. These creams and supplements contain chemical or natural ingredients that are believed to stimulate breast growth .

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of using breast enlargement creams or supplements has not been proven. On the other hand, its use may cause side effects on health.

Therefore, you should consult a doctor before using breast enlargement cream. You can also do a consultation to get fast and effective results, if the various ways to enlarge your breasts above are not able to provide the desired results.

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