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10 iPhone Tricks to Make Everything Easier

10 iPhone Tricks to Make Everything Easier
Last Update: 2023-12-29 09:43 PM

10 iPhone Tricks to Make Everything Easier, The iPhone has many features which unfortunately are often hidden so they are rarely used. Even though this feature can actually make it easier for users to carry out tasks.

Here are a number of iPhone tricks you can use to make things easier than before 10 iphone trick to make everything easier.


Tips & Trick For New Ios User

1. Caps Lock

If you want to fill out the form in all capital letters, it's certainly a hassle to press the shift key. To change the keyboard to the Caps Lock key, just press the Shift key twice.

2. Scan the document

Have you ever had to send a document in digital form but couldn't find a scanner? Just use your iPhone. Just open the Notes application, then press the create a new note icon in the bottom left corner.

Next press the + icon followed by the camera symbol. Select the Scan Document option. Point the camera at the document you want to scan.

Make sure the yellow color on the screen highlights the document. Tap the shutter button, the iPhone will immediately scan.

3. Sign the Document

Need to sign a digital document? Take advantage of the Files application. How to download documents to Files.

Once downloaded, open the document. Click the pencil or Markup logo at the top right, then click the + icon.

Next select the Signature option. Make a signature with your finger, click Done and the signature will stick to the document. Adjust its position so that it is positioned correctly.

4. Backspace button in Calculator

iPhone has a built-in Calculator app. But the application does not include a backspace button, making users confused if they want to delete numbers if a press error occurs.

To delete wrongly pressed numbers, just swipe to the left of the number area. Instantly the last number displayed will be deleted.

5. Magnifying Glass

Have you ever encountered text that is so small that it is difficult for the eye to read? Use your iPhone as a magnifying glass to help you read small text.

You just need to open your iPhone's main settings, then click Accessibility. Tap Magnifier, then activate it. Next, just open the Magnifier application, then point the object at the cellphone camera.

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6. Trackpad

You can turn your iPhone into a trackpad as long as it has iOS 12 or later. Start typing an email or text message, then press and hold your finger on the space bar on the iPhone keyboard. Instantly the keyboard area becomes like a trackpad, you can direct the cursor as you wish.

7. Flashlight Brightness

We can adjust the brightness of the light in the flashlight feature on the iPhone. To do this, swipe to the top right of the screen, long press the flashlight icon.

Then move up and down to adjust the brightness level of the flashlight.

8. Tracking Steps

The iPhone can automatically track steps, just like a smartband does. Open the Health app installed on your iPhone to see how many steps your phone has recorded each day.

9. Flip a Coin

Need to lose coins but don't have cash with you? iPhone could be a replacement. Just tell Apple's virtual assistant, "Hey Siri, flip a coin!" He will then give you the results of a virtual coin toss.

10. Launch Apps Quickly

Many applications are sometimes confusing to find which one to use. If so, just press the search icon at the bottom of the screen. Or drag the screen from top to bottom until the search bar appears. Type the application you want to open.

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