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How To Register Email Without Phone Number

How To Register Email Without Phone Number
Last Update: 2023-11-11 03:45 PM

How To Register Email Without Phone Number

Even though it can be so difficult to open an email account without a phone number, a lot of companies and job openings prefer electronic communication. Without a phone number, how can an email address be created?

The following list of resources:

  • do not need a second email address or phone number in order to register for an account.
  • have a free edition
  • is capable of sending and receiving emails.


Google allows you to register without having to submit a phone number, but you still need to enter your gender and birthday.

  • Navigate to your Android device's Settings app.
  • Next, swipe down and select Google.
  • Press on the Google account that you are now signed in with.
  • Select Add another account after that.
  • Put Your Security Code
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  • Select whether the account is for you or your company when you tap on Create account.
  • Just type in your name, age, and gender, then hit the Next button.
  • Choose the email address that Google recommends for you, or choose establish your own Gmail address to establish your own. Press Next after that.
  • Tap Next again after entering the password.
  • Tap to Bypass or Skip the Google phone number verification. Then click Next one final time.
  • Tap i agree to the terms and conditions



Your Google account will be fully created if you follow the best instructions. To make the most of your Gmail account, make sure it is configured appropriately after creation.

Here it is tips n trick to create email without phone number from 4D Lotto-Malaysia.

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