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Drinking Cold Water Makes You Fat, is it True?

Drinking Cold Water Makes You Fat, is it True?
Last Update: 2023-12-27 10:32 AM

Drinking Cold Water Makes You Fat, is it True?, There is an opinion that frequently drinking ice water makes you fat. It is said that ice water can increase fat levels in the body so that body weight increases. However, is this true?

The cold and refreshing sensation when drinking ice water makes this drink a choice for quenching thirst, especially in hot weather. However, some say that if you drink ice water it will make you fat. This assumption makes some people hesitate to drink it, especially people who are on a diet Drinking Cold Water Makes You Fat, is it True?.

The Facts Behind Drinking Ice Water Makes You Fat

Drinking ice water when the weather is hot is really refreshing, isn't it? However, because of the rumors circulating, you might think twice about drinking ice water. In fact, the news that drinking ice water makes you fat is wrong.

To increase body weight, you need to consume high-calorie foods or drinks that contain fat, carbohydrates or protein. However, these three ingredients are not found in ice water.

Just like normal temperature water, ice water or cold water does not contain calories. Ice water actually contains a number of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium and copper, which are good for health.

This means that drinking ice water does not make you fat because ice water does not contain calories that can increase weight. In fact, frequently drinking ice water is believed to reduce body weight, you know .

This assumption comes from research which states that when drinking ice water, the body needs more energy to adjust the temperature of the water drunk to body temperature. Therefore, drinking ice water can burn a few calories.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that drinking ice water makes you fat, which is not true. As long as you only drink cold water, weight gain won't happen.

However, if you add various flavored syrups to ice water, this drink will certainly contain calories which can contribute to weight gain. Especially if you add other mixtures to this drink, such as fruit or nata de coco .

Well, you've got the answer, right? If you still have questions about drinking ice water and its relationship to weight gain or about other health benefits of drinking ice water, don't hesitate to ask your doctor .

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