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8 Ways to Memorize Quickly and Effectively

8 Ways to Memorize Quickly and Effectively
Last Update: 2023-12-04 09:37 PM

8 Ways to Memorize Quickly and Effectively

Before an exam, students usually spend a lot of time memorizing the study material.

Memorizing is an activity in learning to help store knowledge. However, sometimes the memorization process can become more difficult, especially if the time or learning system used is wrong.


This condition often makes a person feel hopeless and frustrated. If you often experience the same thing, there are various ways you can memorize it quickly. For more details, see the summary of several methods below. How to Memorize Quickly Here are 8 ways you can memorize quickly.

How to memorize quickly

Here are several ways you can memorize quickly, compiled from various sources:

1. Read continuously and repeatedly

By reading material continuously and repeatedly, your short-term memory will improve so that your memory becomes better. 

The key is to read with full concentration. Make sure there is nothing that can distract your reading concentration.

2. Note down the important points

After reading repeatedly, you can note down the important points. Maybe you can't memorize everything, but you can memorize the important points. 

Especially if you re-note the important points using your own language. Then you can quickly understand what you memorize.

3. Create a mind map

You can re-note these important points by making a mind map or concept map. 

This method of memorizing can also balance the right brain and left brain because it involves imagination and creativity.

4. Read aloud or spoken

When you read while aloud, the memorization process will become easier. This method is very suitable for those of you who like the auditory learning style. 

If you want to read while making noise, try to find a quiet place so you can focus.

5. Give yourself a break while memorizing

During the memorization process, don't forget to give your brain a break to process the material being memorized. That way, the brain no longer feels bored and is ready to receive information again.

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6. Avoid anything distracting

Because you need concentration, you have to avoid anything that distracts you. 

Try to find a place away from crowds to avoid distractions. When memorizing, try not to do other activities.

7. Avoid overnight speeding systems

The brain needs time to absorb the material we are memorizing. Therefore, try to memorize it well in advance and don't use the overnight speed system. 

Moreover, each person's brain capacity is different. There are those who can memorize quickly, there are also those who need a long time.

8. Get enough sleep

Getting enough rest can also be the key to success in memorizing quickly. That way, you can focus more while studying because you don't feel sleepy or tired.

Although this fast memorization method is allowed, it is not recommended to be done too often.

This is because the method of memorizing quickly is like doing physical activity. The ability to remember will be formed, but will quickly disappear when someone stops doing it.

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