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7 Ways to Become a YouTuber for Beginners, Only Using a Phone

7 Ways to Become a YouTuber for Beginners, Only Using a Phone
Last Update: 2023-12-05 09:56 PM

7 Ways to Become a YouTuber for Beginners, Only Using a Phone

YouTuber is one of the jobs that is usually done by a vlogger or content creator . You can share content in the form of tutorials, food reviews, and much more.

Apart from that, you can earn money by adding Adsense to your videos broadcast on YouTube. Of course it's interesting, right? If you want to become a YouTuber, check out the following 7 ways to become a youtuber for beginners only use phone article!


Effective ways to become a youtuber

1. Choose a Content Area

Everyone has different strengths, and these advantages can be used to make YouTube video content. If you like eating, you can make culinary review videos or culinary tours in the form of vlogs.

2. Create Interesting Content

The main thing that is needed as a YouTuber is to create unique and interesting content to reach many users. Apart from that, you also have to be consistent so you don't lose your loyal viewers.

3. Create a YouTube Account

As a beginner YouTuber, of course you must have a YouTube account first. Later, your video post will be published on YouTube. Apart from that, you can also manage your own YouTube account, such as adding video descriptions, adding advertisements, and much more.

4. Prepare the Device

Therefore, it goes without saying that you need a device that supports your actions if you are interested in and serious about becoming a YouTuber. Usually, YouTubers need a camera to create content and other additional equipment, such as a gimbal to stabilize video results, clip ons, and much more.

5. Determine the Target Audience

This one thing cannot be missed, you must determine in detail the target audience for your YouTube channel. Starting from gender, age range, and other small things that you need to pay attention to. Later, it will be easy for you to group your own content.

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6. Using an editing application

You can maximize the results and quality of your video before uploading it to YouTube by editing it first using a video editing application. Just master the basics, usually video editing applications are used to remove noise and add certain effects or transitions. There are lots of video editing applications on your cellphone that you can use too, you know.

7. Maximize your YouTube Channel

So, the last thing you can do is maximize your YouTube channel. You can add a profile photo, create an attractive username , create a thumbnail to make it more professional. You can also analyze videos that have been posted directly.

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