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7 Natural Ways That Can Increase Women's Lust

7 Natural Ways That Can Increase Women's Lust
Last Update: 2023-11-11 03:46 PM

7 Natural Ways That Can Increase Women's Lust

"There are several natural ways that can act as aphrodisiacs for women. These include good stress management, regular exercise and enough sleep."

4D Lotto, Malaysia– If a woman's decreased sexual desire only occurs occasionally, this is not a condition to worry about. However, if a woman's decreased sexual desire occurs for more than six months, this can affect a person's mental well-being. This condition is characterized by difficulty becoming aroused, not being interested in having sex, or not having sexual fantasies with a partner.


Women need more time to warm up their bodies to be ready for sexual intercourse . Another thing is that men are more easily aroused when they see sexy women. Women will always need more stimulation before making love, so that they can enjoy the relationship and easily reach orgasm. Take a peek at some of the ways to make a woman horny below.

If this condition occurs, it is not only your own mental well-being that will be disturbed. A previously harmonious relationship with your partner can be destroyed instantly. So, is there a natural way to increase sexual desire in women? Here are some steps you can apply:

1. Do Foreplay

Before penetration, try doing foreplay to improve the mood for lovemaking. With foreplay, sexual arousal in women will increase automatically. Spend more time touching, kissing, or other things that can stimulate the desire to make love before penetration occurs.

2. Manage Stress Well

The next step is to manage stress well. Stress levels that are too high in the body are one of the causes of decreased sexual function and libido, you know. High stress due to life pressure will make it difficult for a person to maintain an erection, and even stop having sexual relations.

3. Eat Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the foods that can increase sexual desire in women. This is because chocolate can release phenylethylamine and serotonin into the body, which can improve mood.

4. Consume fruit

Fruit contains important vitamins and minerals, which can increase blood flow, including to sensitive human organs. To increase sexual desire, you can eat apples, bananas and avocados. 

5. Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity can increase arousal because it reduces the risk of diabetes, which has a big influence on sexual relations. If done regularly, women will be more easily aroused, reach orgasm, and get satisfaction.

6. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can cause sexual problems. This can increase cortisol or the stress hormone, which has a negative impact on a woman's sexual drive. If you can't get more hours of sleep at night, you can schedule a nap every day for 15-30 minutes.

7. Maintain romance with your partner

A decrease in sexual desire can also occur due to boredom with a flat relationship. One trick to increase it is to maintain romance with your partner. For example, by going on a date alone, watching a movie, or just talking together.

These are several ways to increase sexual desire in women. If a number of these steps cannot increase your sexual desire, you should consult a doctor to treat it appropriately.

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